Pin Grading Info

Pin Grading Policy

Pins are handmade items and very few pins are perfect.

A Grades

A grade pins come very close to perfect. They have very limited and minor faults such as
­čŹĹ┬áTiny, unnoticeable air bubbles
­čŹĹ┬áMinor enamel underfill
­čŹĹ┬áLight imperfections in the metal plating
­čŹĹ┬áLight or small nicks in the enamel or metal
­čŹĹ┬áPlating imperfections on the sides of the pin

A grade/standard grade pins are sold at full price and make nice gifts or additions to a collection. They are beautiful and are great for wear or display purposes. The majority of pins that I sell are A grade pins or Standard grade.

B Grades

B grade pins have noticeable flaws, some minor/major than others. Some of the flaws that would qualify a pin as B grade includes

­čŹĹ┬ánoticeable or multiple areas or under filled enamel
­čŹĹ┬ámoderately scuffed metal or enamel
­čŹĹ┬ámultiple points of imperfections on the metal plating
­čŹĹ┬ámultiple air bubbles in the enamel
­čŹĹ┬ámissing metal lines
­čŹĹ┬ámissing enamel
­čŹĹ┬áoff-set screenprinted areas
­čŹĹ┬áareas of low glitter content
­čŹĹ┬áunfilled areas of enamel
­čŹĹ┬áenamel staining on sides or pack of the pin
­čŹĹ┬áoverfilled enamel that floods some metal lines
­čŹĹ┬ásmall gouges or scratches or marks in the enamel and metal

A seconds grade pin might not be as nice as a Standard Grade, but it is still highly wearable and can make a good addition to a collection if the imperfections mentioned above are not bothersome to the collector.

C Grades

Very visible multiple minor and / or major defects. In addition to defects mentioned above, C grades may also have:

­čŹĹ┬áMissing posts

­čŹĹ┬áDiscolored / tarnished plating


I do not sell C grade pins.