Pin Grading Policy

Standard Grades (A Grades)

Pins are hardly ever perfect! Standard grade pins, however, come very close. They're the cream of the crop but typically, standard grade pins can have the following:

🍑 Light discoloration in the metal

🍑 Small air bubbles in the enamel or screenprint

🍑 Minor enamel underfill or overfill

🍑 Small scratches, dust or imperfections in the enamel or metal

🍑 Plating imperfections on the sides or back of the pin
🍑 Minor discoloration in the enamel or screenprint
🍑 Slightly misprinted or off-set screenprint

Standard or A Grade pins are pins that have no noticeable or apparent flaws and are in the best condition for display. While standard grades may still have flaws, they are minor and usually go unseen.


B Grades

B Grades have noticeable flaws. These pins are ones that have flaws that are apparent at first glance. B Grade pins may have flaws such as:

🍑 noticeable or multiple areas or under filled/over filled enamel
🍑 scratches in metal, enamel or screenprint
🍑 rough or unpolished areas of metal
🍑 large air bubbles in the enamel or screeprint
🍑 discolored enamel
🍑 areas of enamel filled with the incorrect color

🍑 missing enamel
🍑 noticeably off-set screenprinted areas
🍑 areas of glitter that have debris/dust
🍑 areas of enamel with debris/dust

🍑 unfilled areas of enamel
🍑 enamel staining anywhere on the pin
🍑 overfilled enamel that floods some metal lines
🍑 over polished metal

B Grade pins are more flawed than standard grade pins, however, they are sold at a lesser value and therefore are a great alternative to standard grade for the collector on a budget. B Grade pins are still displayable to a collector who may not mind the mentioned flaws.